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De Andere Markt – The Other Market Living Lab, Genk, Belgium


Unemployment is being addressed by decision makers and unions via e.g. implementing policies, programs and projects that aim to create jobs, job spaces and platforms or create better conditions for jobs. At the same time, (spatial) planning of workspaces and platforms is in the hands of planners, urban designers, architects, property developers and policy makers. However, the citizens are often not fully involved in the debate that contributes to these work-related aspects. Limburg (BE) has -especially since the closure of Ford in Genk- a great need to enhance the public debate on (local) workspaces, platforms and conditions and their organisation in the city/regional space.

The Living Lab in Genk (BE, Limburg) aims to investigate two main questions: (1) How can we engage -often marginalized groups of- citizens in the public debate around work spaces and platforms and its surrounding conditions? (2) How can we co-create proposals for future work spaces and platforms using design processes that are publicly shared and debated.

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