PoliCity at OUIShare Fest

The Playful City Workshop moderated by Georgi and Teodora took place on Thursday, 6th of July, part of the OUIShare Festival in Paris. The [...]

Games for Architectural Research

On Monday 26th of June, Teodora Constantinescu will join a panel on methodologies and praxis at the ‘Doing Architectural Research: so [...]

Energy Safari at Games for Cities Conference

On Friday April 21rst. Cristina Ampatzidou will join a panel on circularity and city games at the Games for Cities conference at Het Nieuwe [...]

Symposium: Players as Producers

Jeremiah Diephuis presented a talk entitled “Co-located Gaming and The Value of Play” at the “Players as Producers” [...]

AESOP Congress 2017 Spaces of Dialog for Places of Dignity

Deadline for ABSTRACT SUBMISSION: January 9, 2017 Congress in Lisbon: 11-14 July 2017 http://aesop2017.pt In an uncertain world that is rap [...]

Mobility Safari in Vienna

Mobility Safari is the recently developed learning game. Its a board game dealing with various topics regarding sustainable mobility and mob [...]

Mobility Safari Wien

Mobility Safari heißt das eigens für Wien entwickelte, informative Brettspiel  rund um die Inhalte der städtischen Mobilitätsstrategie, [...]

Serious Games Conference

18-20 July 2017 http://seriousplayconf.com/speaker-submission/ The Serious Play Conference, now in our 6th year, is a leadership conference [...]

Smart & Sustainable Planning for Cities & Regions – SSPCR 2017

Submission Deadline for Abstracts: November 27 March 22-24, 2017 EURAC Research Headquarters Bolzano/Bozen (Italy) http://www.sspcr.eurac.ed [...]

Smart City Governance – Stakeholder Workshop

Katharina was presenting results from the play-UC project at the Smart City Governance Workshop in Brussels on October 24, 2016 JPI Urban Eu [...]

Energy Safari @Buurkracht

How to make #learning for the #energytransition more enjoyable and fun? Playing the #seriousgame  #EnergySafari fosters learning and [...]

Crossing over with Complexity: Co-evolution in Planning

Crossing over with Complexity: Co-evolution in Planning AESOP Complexity Group 12-14. April 2017, Ghent, Belgium http://www.aesop-planning.e [...]
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