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Cristina Ampatzidou

Cristina Ampatzidou

Cristina is a researcher currently pursuing here PhD on 'Playing with Urban Complexity' at the University of Groningen. She is also founder and editor in-chief of Amateur Cities and a collaborator of the Architecture Film Festival of Rotterdam.

Energy Safari public presentation

The game Energy Safari had it’s first official playing sessions on Sunday June 5th at the A-Kerk in the center of Groningen. To join t [...]

Play!UC at Prototyping for Citizen Engagement workshop

In April 22nd Cristina Ampatzidou joined the workshop Prototyping for Citizen Engagement organised in the framework of the Design and the Ci [...]

Prototyping Energy Safari with stakeholders

On April 15th we had a game testing session with people from Grunneger Power and Buurtkracht, two corporations active in the field of energy [...]

Prototyping Energy Safari at RUG

Throughout March and April 2016, we held a series of game prototyping sessions at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences at the University of Groni [...]

Play!UC at Hybrid City III

A paper titled “Lessons from Game Design – Understanding Participatory Processes through Game Mechanics” was presented by Cristina [...]

Play!UC conference presentation, Hasselt

In May 22, Cristina Ampatzidou presented the paper “The Mechanics of Playful Participatory Processes” at the conference Design, Social M [...]

New Team Member: Sabine Luger

Sabine Luger is a Master-Student of Landscape Planning and Landscape Architecture at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, [...]
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