Smart City Governance – Stakeholder Workshop

Katharina was presenting results from the play-UC project at the Smart City Governance Workshop in Brussels on October 24, 2016

JPI Urban Europe in collaboration with URBIS are promoting a smart cities governance stakeholder workshop in Brussels on 24th October 2016 hosted by CEMR. The basic aim of the workshop is to facilitate the clustering of JPI Urban Europe projects with others including FP7 and Horizon 2020, to identify commonalities, and enable crosscutting analysis and understanding, thereby supporting long-term strategic partnerships. Specifically:

  • to identify commonalities and synergies in the development of solutions driven by social and technological innovation supporting integrated, participatory and open urban governance;
  • to synthesise new knowledge and good practice exchange supporting existing project activity;
  • to develop innovative ideas and new partnerships supporting new funding proposals;
  • to provide feedback on research and innovation experience supporting the future development of the research programs.

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