Cristina AmpatzidouCristina Ampatzidou

Cristina is a researcher currently pursuing here PhD on 'Playing with Urban Complexity' at the University of Groningen. She is also founder and editor in-chief of Amateur Cities and a collaborator of the Architecture Film Festival of Rotterdam.

Teodora ConstantinescuTeodora Constantinescu

Teodora Constantinescu is an architect and urban designer with a Master’s degree from the Katholieke Universitei Leuven, Belgium. She is a member of the Architect's Chamber and Urbanist's Chamber of Romania since 2012. As of 2014 she is a researcher within the Spatial Capacity Building research group at Hasselt University, Belgium. She explores themes such as spatial capacity building, spaces of urban migration, digital social innovation, urban games and spaces of multicultural micro economies. Her research topic focuses on The Role Games Play in Re-valuing Spaces for Work.

Oswald DevischOswald Devisch

Oswald Devisch (1975) is a civil-engineer architect and urban designer. He studied at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium and at the Bartlett School of Architecture, London, U.K. He obtained a doctoral degree at the Technical University of Eindhoven, the Netherlands, on spatial simulation models. Since 2006 he is a lecturer and researcher at the Hasselt University, Belgium, where he explores theme’s such as spontaneous transformation processes, new media, private planning, urban games and spatial capacity building.

Katharina GugerellKatharina Gugerell

Katharina Gugerell is Ass. Professor in Planning and Spatial Design; studies in Vienna and at ETH Zurich, graduated engineer in landscape planning & architecture and holds a PhD in cultural landscape research and regional development. Her research interests are on urban and rural landscapes, landscape governance, digital social innovation and spatial design & planning practise. She is well acquainted with working in labs and in transdisciplinary settings and is tightly involved in Groningen's Living Lab - the Urban GRO Lab. She teaches at the University Groningen, KU Leuven and at the S. Seifullin Agrotechnical University Astana in Kazakhstan.

Martina JauschnegMartina Jauschneg

Born 1975 in Styria and studied Landscape Planning and Landscape Management in Vienna Consulting Engineer for Landscape Planning since 2009.

Christian ZuidemaChristian Zuidema

Dr. Christian Zuidema is Assistant Professor in Spatial Planning at the University of Groningen. Christian’s scientific background is environmental planning, energy landscapes, environmental governance and post contingency. He has published various books such as Stimulating Local Environmental Policy (2011), Towards Liveable Cities in Europe (forthcoming) and, as co-author, Smart Methods for Environmental Externalities (2012). Furthermore, he is board member of the International Urban Planning and Environment Association.

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