De Andere Markt Living Lab

Check out the activities organised by our Living Lab in February and March. The Andere Markt  is open for everybody and anybody interested [...]

Games@Lunch – ‘Life must be lived as play!’

We are happy to announce that our games@lunch sessions have started. The sessions are held in the De Andere Markt Living Lab, Genk, Belgium [...]

Misch dich ein

“Misch dich ein“ is a board game targeting the aim of informing and activating inhabitants of a city in a context of urban planing a [...]

New Team Member – Mario Platzer

Mario Platzer is a transport planner, primarily concerned with research issues. He is a graduated civil engineer and sociologist and is an e [...]

City Synergy – Game Prototype Testing

City Synergy is a board game prototype that can be used in various workshops as an icebreaker and introduction activity. It aims to foster c [...]

New Team Member – Georgi Kostov

Georgi Kostov is a game designer, working on the PlayUC project within the Playful Interactive Environments Research Lab, Hagenberg, Austr [...]

Play!UC at Hybrid City III

A paper titled “Lessons from Game Design – Understanding Participatory Processes through Game Mechanics” was presented by Cristina [...]

De Andere Markt – The Other Market Living Lab, Genk, Belgium

Unemployment is being addressed by decision makers and unions via e.g. implementing policies, programs and projects that aim to create jobs, [...]

Play!UC conference presentation, Hasselt

In May 22, Cristina Ampatzidou presented the paper “The Mechanics of Playful Participatory Processes” at the conference Design, Social M [...]

New Team Member – Dr. Christian Zuidema

Dr. Christian Zuidema is Assistant Professor in Spatial Planning at the University of Groningen. Christian’s scientific background is envi [...]

Media, Citizenship and Participation

In April Christina Ampatzidou attended a workshop on ‘Media, Citizenship and Participation’ at the University of Florida (Gaines [...]
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